Safest Places to Travel alone for Women in Asia (Infographic)

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Safest Places to Travel alone for Women in Asia

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If you are women and wish to travel alone in Asia then the following article will provide you the list of the safest places.
Kazakhstan in Central Asia is one of the safest places for women to travel alone and the crime rate in the country is medium and at the global safety rank the country stands at the 79th rank. Vietnam is another country that stands on 12thposition on Global safety rank and the crime rate in the country is very low with rape crime per 100K population being 27.3 %.

Mongolia in East and central Asia is another country with 42nd rank on global safety and 50% citizens of the country feel safe while walking at night to home. South Korea has a very low crime rate and stands at 54th rank in global safety.

Hong Kong is also very safe country for women travelling alone as crime rate is very low and 88% of the citizens feel safe at night while walking home. Australia ranks at 13th position in the list of global safety and rape crime per 100K population in the country is 28.6%.

Besides these, other safe countries for alone women travellers in Asia are Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand and Singapore.

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  1. Maryl June 18, 2013 at 6:46 pm - Reply

    This is all helpful information. I’ve been wanting to plan a trip to this part of the world but it’s hard to know where you’ll be safe. Something else to consider when traveling alone or with a small group is hiring a personal tour guide.

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