People and Culture in Philippines

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Philippines, with a varied diversity in culture and people is a south East Asian country located in the Pacific Ocean. This country has a huge population of 99 million people and area of 30000 sq. kilometers. In terms of size, Philippines is ranked as the 64th largest country in the world whereas in terms of population density, it is put at the 12th spot in the world. With such a huge population, it is not surprising that Philippines has people belonging to many different religions, cultures, ethnic groups and backgrounds.

People of Philippines


  • The people of Philippines are referred to as ‘Filipinos’. Filipinos are divided into many ethno-linguistic groups such as Visayans, Tagalogs and Llocanos.
  •  More than 170 different languages are spoken by the population of Philippines but the official language is Filipino. Even English is widely spoken by 95% of the population.
  •  Philippines is the third largest Christian nation in the world and this is due to the fact that 92% of Filipinos are Christians in this country.
  • About 5% of the Filipinos are Muslims in Philippines.
  • Filipinos in general are very hospitable and show respect to everyone, irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, color or background.
  • Filipinos are fun loving, casual and sensitive people who follow the concept of Hiya or shame from a very early age.
  • Filipinos are often considered one of the smartest dressers in Asia. Men generally wear formals for meetings while women wear western clothes like blouses and skirts.


Culture in Philippines:


  • Filipino culture is strongly influenced and well blended by various cultures like American, Indian, Chinese and Indonesian.
  • There is a great influence of Spain and Mexico too on Filipino way to living and culture. Infact this influence is to such an extent that one can see prevalence of Spanish surnames as well among Filipinos.
  • People in Philippines give great importance to festivities known as barrio fiestas.
  • Chinese traits too can be seen in the living style and culture of Philippines and this is evident from the fact that Noodles, of the Chinese cuisine are locally called Mami and can be found at all eateries and restaurants.
  • People in Philippines give huge importance to the system of family and respect to extended families. It is not uncommon to see Filipinos from same families gather together and celebrated festivals, take part in functions and wedding ceremonies etc.
  • Bayanihan- this term means creation of a bond with neighbors and helping them out whenever they are in need and forms a part of the Filipino culture.
  • Pakikisama- Pakikisama in English means harmony and reflects the harmony in which Filipinos live with one another in day to day life.
  • Whenever two people in Philippines meet, it is a tradition to shake hands but it is a common trend for men to wait for women to extend their hands.
  • Verbal assault is a crime in Philippines and one can be legally charged on verbally assaulting someone.
  • Bringing disrespect to the family in Philippines is against the culture of the country.

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