Transportation in Singapore

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Singapore is an island country and a sovereign city state which is located in Southeast Asia.  This is a highly modern and urbanized country which has very low amounts of rainforests remaining in it.  Ever since Singapore got liberated from colonization, it has developed at a fast pace and changed itself into a hub of commercial and industrial activity. In the last couple of decades, Singapore has also been known as a popular tourist spot, owning to many attractions and developed geography.

Singapore consists of a total of 63 islands and currently has a land area of 716 square kilometer. Singapore is a small island with a high population density.  Let’s get to know the main details about the transportation in Singapore:

Transport Facilities in Singapore

Transport in Singapore is mostly land based and most parts in this country are accessible for road. Apart from cars, buses, motorbikes, three wheelers and two wheelers, railway is another main form of public transport in this country.

Rail Transport

rail transport in singapore

  • The main railway transport in Singapore is the Mass Rapid Transit covering an area of 153.2 sq. km and spreads over 104 stations.
  •   There are 5 main lines apart from these and there is also a Light Rail Transit consisting of 14 stations.
  • Some other railway lines include Sentosa Express monorail, Sengkang line and Punggol LRT Line.

Public Transport:

Public transport in singapore

  • The main forms of public transport are buses and taxis, apart from rail.  Around 5.308 million trips are takenper day on public transport system of the country.  When travelling from the metro, you can swipe a reloadable card which is for $12 for each card.  You can also purchase a single trip ticket if you don’t want to get a card. The cost varies depending on your length of trip.
  • Infact about 52.4% of Singaporean residents go to work daily using public transport and it is also an important medium for children to go to schools.
  • There are many bus services and routes too within Singapore which happen to be the most inexpensive means of public transport.

Air Transport

Air Transport in Singapore

Singapore has 6 local scheduled service airlines all of which operate from Singapore Changi Airport. This airport is one of the largest airports in the world and apart from this, Singapore has Seletar airport as well. People travelling to and from this country can choose from scheduled flights to more than 70 cities.

Sea Transport

Sea Transport in singapore

If someone wishes to travel to the islands which are near to Malaysia and Indonesia, they can opt for boat and the ferry services. Some ports from which you can take these services are Changi Ferry terminal, Tanah Merah ferry terminal ,Singapore cruise center and Changi point ferry terminal, etc.

Roads in Singapore:

  • Total length of collector roads: 557 km
  • Total length of major arterial roads in Singapore: 645 km
  • Total length of local access roads: 2048 km
  • Total length of expressways in Singapore: 161 km
  • Traffic in this country drives on the left side.
  • The total car population in Singapore: 969910
  • In Singapore, the construction, maintenance as well as the planning of the entire road network and infrastructure is done by Land Transport Authority.
  • Some of the main expressways located in this country are Ayer Rajah Expressway, Central expressway, marina coastal expressway, Bukit Timah expressway, and east coast parkway.


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