Transportation in Maldives

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Post retiring, you may want to explore a certain lifestyle, hobbies and activities that you would have missed while you were working. Settling in a place that meets all your aspirations is ideal.


Maldives proves to be a great choice for many expatriates. The transportation on Maldives is well established. The roads and waters are greatly interconnected, enabling you to commute with ease.

Moving to Maldives will require you to know more about the system of transport there.



When it comes to Maldives, there are no restrictions with respect to travel. Foreigners can freely move about the country. Israelis are also allowed, which is a rare sight in a Muslim country.

  • While visiting the Maldives for less than 30 days, you will not need a visa.
  • In theory, you must have US$30 per day during your stay.

Road Travel

There are no railways or highways in the Maldives. However, Male has coral highways running 9.6 km within the city.

Arriving at the Maldives


You can reach the Maldives by plane to the Male International Airport or any other airport. Next, you will need to take a seaplane or a boat to reach your destination.

Going to Male, the capital

Ferries are the most common way to travel from the airport to your destination.

  • You are charged US$ 1 for a trip during the day and your journey should take 15-20 minutes. These ferries leave every 10-15 minutes.
  • After midnight, the ferries leave every 30 minutes and charge US$ 2.

The local population uses ferries called “dhonis.” This traditional means of transportation has been modified to meet today’s needs and are often decorated to make them look attractive.

Traveling within Male

Inside the capital city of Maldives, the motorbike is the common means of transport. It is also the fastest way to get around.

You can also hail a taxi and for a flat rate of US$ 1.30 go anywhere in Male. The fee is the same, irrespective of where you go. You will also be charged US$ 0.32 for your luggage.

The most convenient way to get around is on foot, since one can reach any place in Male within 10 minutes. The city is small enough to walk around within an hour, and is extremely interesting for the variety in the visuals and sounds.



To travel to tourist resorts located on atolls that are further away from the airport, seaplanes are often used.

  • Riding a seaplane allows you to appreciate the beauty of the Maldives.
  • The shapes of the reefs, the colors in the shallow waters, and even dolphins may be sighted.



Some people enjoy the experience of traveling by speedboat, roaring over the clear and cool waters. The feel of the sun and the wind whipping at your face is sure to get your spirits soaring.

Coupled with the breathtaking scenery, the Maldives also offers comfortable and inexpensive travel options. This country should definitely be considered when deciding where to retire.

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