Transportation in Indonesia

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Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world and is also the 15th largest nation in terms of the land area covered by it.  This country is located in the South Eastern region of Asia and comprises of more than 17000 islands. The national capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta and the country shares its borders with East Timor, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia. Some other neighboring countries of Indonesia are Australia, Philippines, Singapore and Palau.



The transportation in Indonesia has been shaped over a long period of time and has spread over thousands of islands which this country consists of. There are many transport modes in Indonesia and some of them include Railways, road transport, sea transport and air transport.

Water transport in Indonesia

Water transport in Indonesia

Indonesia has a total of 21579 km of navigable waterways and of these, half is in Kalimantan whereas a quarter each is in Papua and Sumatra.  In terms of the area of the waterways, Indonesia ranks 7th in the world.

Road transport in Indonesia

Road transport in Indonesia

  • To drive a vehicle in Indonesia, one needs a driver’s license and some common modes of public transport are trains, buses, taxis, mini buses called angkutan Kota, motorcycles called ojek and traditional vehicles called becak.
  • Motorcycles are readily available for hire in Indonesia and can be rented easily for 30000 Rp per day.  Rental charges may vary depending upon the type of vehicle and length of hiring.
  •  Most roads in Indonesia, especially those in busy cities like Jakarta are very chaotic.  Driving can be a nuisance for new drivers and this is not an ideal place to learn to drive a bike or a car.
  • Indonesia has about 213649 km of paved highways and approximately about 154711 km of unpaved highways.
  • Buses are the main stay of land transportation in Indonesia and are very cheap to travel in as well. An eight hour journey in an economy class bus can cost around 50000 Rp whereas the same on a luxurious bus can cost 140000 to 200000 Rp.
  • Becaks are three wheeled bicycle rickshaws which are banned from the main streets of many big cities. Riding on a becak can cost around 2000Rp to 4000Rp per kilometer but these prices are negotiable.
  • Ojeks are motorcycles which take a pillion passenger for a reasonably bargainable price. They are often rented  on per hour basis for sightseeing purpose and cost around 20000  Rp to 30000 Rp.

Air transport in Indonesia


The domestic network of air transport in Indonesia is growing extensively by the day and Jakarta and Denpasar are the main cities with air connectivity.  The prices of the flights can vary depending upon the class of ticket booked and the length of journey taken.  Some major domestic flights in Indonesia are Adam Air, Batavia Air, Bouraq, Garuda and Garuda Citilink.

Train transport

Train transport

The train travel in Indonesia is restricted to Java and Sumatra.  In Java, trains are surely one of the easiest and most comfortable means of transport whereas in Sumatra, the train network is restrictive.

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