Transportation in Hong Kong

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As one of Asia’s most economically productive cities, Hong Kong is home to a fantastic network of public and private transportation options. From the legendary ‘ding ding’ trams to the very efficient MTR network, Hong Kong’s transportation choices are efficient, affordable, and full of character.


There’s no area in which Hong Kong’s colonial heritage is more apparent than its transportation network. Visitors to Hong Kong Island will immediately notice the ‘ding ding’ trams running up from Central to the further reaches of Hong Kong. Inexpensive and convenient, the trams are a popular choice amongst locals and expatriates alike.

The backbone of Hong Kong’s transportation systems is the MTR – a highly efficient rail network that runs underground throughout the entire city. The MTR services all areas of Hong Kong, with lines running underneath Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, and the New Territories.

'ding ding' trams

Highly affordable and very efficient, the MTR is one of the most affordable ways to travel around in Hong Kong. Trains run every two minutes during periods of peak demand, making it incredibly fast and simple to travel from one part of the city to another.

As well as the MTR, Hong Kong has a high-speed rail link that connects the city – both at Central and in Kowloon – with Hong Kong International Airport. The Airport Express, as it’s known, is an excellent way to travel to and from Hong Kong Airport and the city, as well as many outer suburbs.

The Airport Express

While rail is generally the fastest way to travel in Hong Kong, the city is also home to a large bus network that makes getting around very simple. Buses travel between Hong Kong Island and many other parts of the city on a frequent basis, with tickets typically very affordable and service great.

As well as travel by bus, train, and ‘ding ding,’ Hong Kong is home to a large fleet of taxis that are priced to suit customers. With fares starting at just $20 HKD (slightly more than $2 USD) a trip in one of Hong Kong’s comfortable taxis is rarely an expensive option.


Finally, Hong Kong is home to one of the world’s most visually appealing harbors and an equally great ferry service to boot. The Star Ferry runs from Kowloon to Central Hong Kong hundreds of times daily, with smaller ferry services also transporting people to Hong Kong’s outer islands.

The Star Ferry

From its highly efficient underground rail network to its massively popular Star Ferry, Hong Kong is one of Asia’s easiest cities to get around. With affordable prices and fantastic service, there is no need to buy your own car when you have the convenience of Hong Kong public transport available.

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