Top 16 Destinations to Travel in Asia (Infographic)

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Asia is the largest continent of earth and is also one of the most densely populated. This continent consists of 49 countries and is known for its size, diversity and growth rate in the world. Home to so many places, states and countries, there are numerable travel options within this continent.

Asia is fast growing to be travel destinations for many tourists and has managed to attract people from all across the world. Countries like China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and India have huge number of tourists coming in each year.

The top travel destination in Asia is Bangkok and is known for its tourist attractions like Grand Palace, Floating market and Buddhist temples. Chiang Mai in Thailand is the second largest city of this country and is also one of the top travel destinations in the Asian continent. Tokyo is another hot favorite destination to travel in Asia and is famous for Yoyogi Park, Venus Fort and Asahi Beer hall.

Beijing and Shanghai are some of the places in China which attract many tourists every year. Some other destinations on this list include Singapore, Kyoto, New Delhi, Ubud(Indonesia), Seoul(South Korea), Taipai(Taiwan), Hanoi(Vietnam), Ho Chi Minh city(Vietnam), Male(Maldives) and Siem Reap.

Top 16 destinations to travel in Asia Th

Top 16 destinations to travel in Asia

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