People and Culture in Singapore

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Singapore is a country with unique culture and people. It is a mixture of ethnic influences whose roots extend to the time in history when Singapore was a famous trading centre. Bought by the lure of prosperity, the immigrants and travelers brought with them, their culture, language, customs, religion and festivals. Intercultural marriage managed to knit the various cultures together in the fabric of the present Singapore. So today, they have not one but many cultures to follow, namely the Chinese, the English, the Malay and the Indian.

And as a respect to the collage of different cultures, Singapore has accepted each and every culture as its own. Almost everyone speaks or at least knows more than two languages with English and Mandarin being the most common languages being spoken. Explore the variety of cultural heritages that Singapore is sculpted from and get to know what drives the people and the culture of this amazing land.


People and Their Cultural Festivals

The entire population of Singapore roughly consists of 77 % Chinese, 14 % Malay, 8 % Indian and the remaining 1 % Eurasians. Although they have individual cultures, customs and religion to follow, people still go out of their way to celebrate other cultural events as well.For major festivals like Deepawali, Chinese New Year, and Hari Raya Puasa, people invite their friends from other communities as well.

This openness, this sensitivity, this respect for other cultural heritage is what makes Singapore into a beautiful country. And with a diversified culture, comes the benefit of enjoying everything at once. You can come out of your house and eat all the different cultural food at once, if you like. And that too, in the native environment.


People and Their Business

The business of Singapore is obviously dominated by the Chinese, but despite this other communities also flourish harmoniously. The Chinese generally drive towards business like trading, financing, food processing and distribution. The Indians on the other hand generally tend to go to business in the public sector like clerks, teachers and policemen.

Then again, the distribution is not uniform. He trend always varies with the Chinese dominating in the professional, technical, administrative and managerial fields. While other foreign professionals driving towards work in hi- tech, research, finance and development fields.

People and Their Religion:

The citizens follow their religion very seriously, no matter which one they belong to. The lists of holidays in Singapore include all the festive days of every culture present. It is home to the 10 major religions that include Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Taoism.

Singapore is also filled with many structural monuments that belong to different religious faiths. What is extraordinary to note is that most of them have the same rules and regulations to follow. Like you are required to take off your shoes in order to enter a temple or a mosque. Some places also require you to wash your hands and feet as well as covering your head before entering.

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