Opening a New Chapter in the Philippines

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We’ve worked hard to have the decent lives we all deserve, and jumped over every hurdle that’s faced us; painfully watched our favourite NBA teams lose a closely contested game, and witnessed the meteoric rise of a legendary boxing warrior like Manny Pacquiao. Basically, we’ve all had our fair share of ups and downs in our borrowed time on this beautiful planet. After the seemingly endless time spent writing book reports as a student, and bravely facing life’s everyday bombardment of problems with the help of our family and friends, it’s important that we put a premium in the real challenge that lies ahead: retirement.

Philippine-RetirementIt is inevitable that we arrive at a point in our lives where we ask ourselves, “What happens next?” And whether we like it or not, the talk of retirement slowly creeps up to our consciousness. We ponder things like when and where should we retire. As seen here, experts give their two cents on the matter, and provide us with much-needed assistance for the future. It presents us with options, a basic idea, and a detailed quote of a retirement income. In essence, it enlightens us on the “when” aspect of retirement.

It has been a common trend for retirees to settle down in a vibrant country like the Philippines. Known for their tremendous hospitality, and their genuinely warm smiles, Filipinos are a breed of their own in terms of offering retirees a one-of-a-kind experience. A relaxing and cost-effective quality of life, these two factors set the Philippines apart from other Asian countries reckoned to be ideal places to retire. There’s a famous quote that goes “Retire from work, but not from life,” and with the steady progress of the country, in addition to its trademark world-class beaches, it’s only a matter of time before the Philippines becomes a top destination of retirees from all over the globe.

Retirement is the period in our lives where we look back and enjoy the blessings of life, the fruition of all our hard work as students, and determination as professionals. But as we close this busy chapter of our lives, we come to a realization that we’re just only starting to unravel a new episode where we sit back, relax, and take pleasure in ourselves, our families, and the true beauty of the world we live in.

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