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Vietnam is slowly yet steadily emerging as an international city of South East Asia and is now seen as a tourist destination for many westerners and Asians as well. Vietnam is not only gaining momentum in terms of infrastructural development but also growth in areas like medical care, property, tourism, education, technology and entertainment. With popular cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City running the race of industrialization, Vietnam has become a favorite of many who have planned their retirement.

The Lifestyle

The lifestyle of the people living in Vietnam is strongly influenced by its culture and beliefs. Thus depending upon the culture and religion observed by people residing in different areas, the lifestyle too many vary from place to place. With the growth in modernity and westernization, the young are very slowly transforming the everyday lifestyle and this has led to a certain divide between generations. But inspite of this change, some aspects of life continue to remain unchanged and unperturbed.

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Vietnamese people give a lot of importance to family ties and it is not uncommon to see people living in extended families which are well knit together. Since both male and female members of the family are working in most families, it is the parents of the couples who look after their babies. Traditionally, the father of the family is considered the head and is responsible for providing for food and shelter.

Throughout Vietnam, the lifestyle followed by people has a strong influence of the old-age Confucian values and virtues. This value system demands everybody to pay respect to people senior to them in age and standard. Some virtues of this system are trustworthiness, benevolence, respect, dedication and duty. Thus the way people live in general is a result of these values and moral system.

Lifestyle in the Cities

The lifestyle of people living in urban areas of big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi is different from that of people living in rural areas of villages etc. Life in the city is often modern and complicated. City life is busy and most adults are working. The lifestyle is competitive and the daily routine consists of work till the evenings and then spending time with family or friends at night. Most of the inhabitants in the city work at many different positions like secretaries, doctors, teachers, government workers factory workers and street vendors etc. The cost of living in the urban areas is more than that in the countryside.

Nightlife in Vietnam

Because of this reason, people tend to work hard to make ends meet. People live in plush apartments, mansions and big houses. They use many modern day amenities like internet, mobile phones, cars, bikes, television and satellite connection etc. In the evenings, many youngsters head to the nightclubs and restaurants for a nice time. These youngsters are seen wearing modern and western clothes and this is an impact of westernization in Vietnam.

Lifestyle in the Countryside

80% of the Vietnamese population lives in rural areas and villages which are scattered throughout the lowlands areas and along the coastal line. In these areas, the way people live on a daily basis is in strong contrast to the life in urban areas and larger cities. People work in groups and take up jobs as farmers and fishermen. Everybody is helpful to one another and is involved in a variety of activities such as raising livestock, making handicrafts and farming etc.

Vietnam Life in the Countryside

People in the countryside of Vietnam live in small groups or communities and are generally religious people who worship in temples. These individuals give a lot of importance to the Confucian system of values and celebrate all festivals with extreme faith. Along the coastal line, fishermen are very dependent upon the sea as it is their only means of livelihood.  These fishermen are thus very hardworking and worship their work.

Those people residing in central highlands or northern mountains live by growing a number of things like rice, coffee, rubber trees and tea etc. They also hunt to earn a livelihood. But the slow industrialization of the country is changing the lifestyle of these people by a very slow rate. Due to this, many farmers have taken up jobs in industries and even moved to cities in search of better jobs.

Life of Youth and Parents

Life of Youth in Vietnam

In earlier times, children were taught to be respectful of their parents and not raise their voice in front of the head of the family. But with changing times, this concept has changed and children have started expressing their opinions. With technological advances, young people have access to ongoing fashion trends, music and cinema etc. This has a great influence on them and hence their lifestyle varies from their parents and grandparents. Young people are now free to go out and live on their own. They do not hesitate in looking for jobs at an early age, which is a mark of independence.

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