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Philippines is one of the South East Asian countries which has a strong influence of other Asian countries on it and this influence can be easily spotted in the way people live and how they conduct themselves.   Philippines has 7107 islands and these house a total population of about 99 million people. Being the 12th most populous country in the world, Philippines has many different lifestyle shades in different parts and islands.  About 49% of the population lives in urban cities like Cebu and Manila while the rest are spread over other regions, some of which are not developed at all.


Most of the population of Philippines is still young, with 23 being the average median age.  The fact that there is great cultural diversity in this country due to presence of many religions, ethnic groups etc., makes it an interesting place to live in, especially for expats and tourists.  Most people of Philippines are Roman Catholics and most of the population speaks Filipino. English is also a commonly spoken language.

Life in Philippines generally revolves around family, parents, friends and relatives.  Many people live in extended families including uncles, aunts, grandparents and cousins etc. and importance of family is paramount in the culture and lifestyle of people.  On most of the main festivals and events, members of extended families meet and gather to celebrate together.

Daily life


Filipinos love going out, socializing and meeting friends and family members. One of the common places of meeting for people in this country are the markets.  Most of the local markets in the country are generally crowded and colorful.  Sellers are always up for a conversation or a friendly banter, even if you don’t buy from them. The general atmosphere is of casualness and warmth.  Communication is not a problem because most Filipinos understand and can speak English.

People in Philippines also like to go out to eat at restaurants every once in a while and a meal at an inexpensive restaurant can cost somewhere around 120 Pesos whereas a meal at a mid-range restaurant can cost 700 P.  Drinks are cheap in this country and this is evident from the fact that 0.33 litre of imported beer costs 80 Pesos.

Filipinos also spend on sports and leisure for entertainment.  Joining a fitness club can cost an adult 1535 Pesos per month whereas a cinema ticket for one person costs 170 P.Filipino lifestyle is a perfectly blended mix of cultures of Malay, Indonesian, and aboriginal, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Spanish and even American.

Cost of meal at an inexpensive restaurant Cost of meal at a mid-range restaurant Imported beer Fitness club Cinema ticket
120 pesos 700 pesos 80 pesos 1535 pesos per month 170 pesos per person

Filipino lifestyle in eating


The staple food is rice. They generally eat three times in a day and the main protein source for them is fish and many other seafood products. Most people use just their hands to eat food and this might seem surprising to westerners or foreigners but reflects the lifestyle and culture of the place.  Many American fast food chains have opened up in Philippines and some of them include McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts and Jollibee among others.

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