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Did you ever want to go to Japan? Have you ever dreamed of walking on the beautiful streets of the country? If yes, then you probably have beautiful dreams. Japan, with its streets lined with charming sakura trees, spectacular scenery and of course, the breathtaking Mount Fujiyama is a place ought to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Residing in the far east, Japan is the only country in the whole of Asia that hasn’t been influenced much by the western world. This is perhaps one of the many reasons that it has retained its old world beauty, its uniqueness residing in its culture and heritage. With a rich traditional history and tales of bravery and heroism right from the Edo Period, Japan has many layers to it than what meets the eye.

The lifestyles of the Japanese people are also quite different from the rest of the world. Their lifestyle is greatly influenced by their traditional culture and even historical aspects. Let us travel into the aromas, the rich cultural heritage and find out more about the enigmas of the Land of The Rising Sun.

Longevity is a Free Gift :


Japan boasts of being the country with the longest human lifespan than any other country in the world. Owing to many factors, like the environment, the traditional medicine as well as modern technology, it shelters many individuals touching the 100 mark. Minagawa Yone, who still lives in the Fukuoka Prefecture, holds the record for being the oldest lady of all times. She was born on January 4th and is currently 114 years old. The oldest man in the world is also from Japan. Tanabe Tomiji, from Miyazaki Prefecture is currently 111 years old.

Do Not Enter With Shoes :        

                                                                             Do Not Enter With Shoes

Now this might sound a little normal to few people, but Japan is a nation that respects its tradition. And its tradition says that you should always enter a building, be it someone’s house or even an office. You might want to wear house slippers while your indoors, but never walk on the tatami or house mat with your shoes on. These days’ offices may not often follow this method as early, allowing you to wear your shoes. But even then, inside someone’s house is a must. It is worthwhile to mention that when you visit someone’s house, the host even has a separate pair of slippers for the number of people visiting. This is usually done to keep the inside of a home sacred from the outside.

Mangas, Animes and Cosplays : 

Mangas, Animes and Cosplays

If you ever visit Japan, there is one thing you have got to do. Visit a cosplaying event. These are as frequent as any festival in other countries and are a huge crowd puller. The manga (Japanese comics) as well as Anime (Japanese animation) have become an integral part of the very fabric of life in Japan, so no matter where you go in the country, you will find strong influences of manga art along with traditional ones. Without anyone of them, Japan will probably not be as colorful and intriguing as is seen today.

The lifestyle of 60% of the Japanese is ruled by the characters; and being an otaku (an Anime or Manga freak) people usually co play their characters. They hold different competitions for cosplayng or even a fan meet somewhere or the other throughout the year. Then there are the promotions of the new releases where the creators as well as the seiyuu (voice actors) meet with the fan. There are professional cosplayers too, who dress up as the anime characters and entertainers in the meet. And yes, they earn a lot of money, too!

japness cosplayng

Souvenirs like anime printed mugs, key chains, mobile covers; anime printed T-shirts, bags, etc. are present in every shop of Japan. So if one day you are roaming around in central Tokyo or Osaka and spot Naruto or Goku walking along with you, relax! He is just a cosplayer showcasing his love.

Japan is a land famous for its tradition and festivals, its rituals and ceremonies. And somewhere along the line, the lives of the Japanese people get intermingled with the enigmatic tales of the Yesteryears.

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