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Indonesia is a South East Asian country which comprises of over 17000 islands and is a highly populated nation with a population of about 238 Million people. With a large land area, this country ranks 15th in the list of the largest countries in the world. With such a huge population, it is natural for the nation to have a diverse lifestyle and culture.  There is diversity not only in the living style but also in religion, economical condition of people, jobs, languages and even expenses.

Indonesia houses many rich people but a large population of the country is still living in poverty and in non-urban areas.  Hence the way people live varies greatly from area to area.  Since the Muslim population in the country is very high, the lifestyle of people resembles that of many other Muslim nations.  Infact this country is that is the largest Muslim society in the world with 88% of the population being Muslims.  The rest of the population consists of many ethnic groups like Ethnicities, Javanese, Sudanese and Madurese. The diversity of living and general being can be estimated from the fact that about 583 languages are spoken in Indonesia.

As whole, Indonesians are very warm and generous people.  People are slowly and gradually making themselves aware of the diversity in their own society through many channels such as education,television, print media and cinema.  The following are some of the significant lifestyle feature of Indonesians:

  • Adat- Adat is a term which is used to refer to custom or tradition in Indonesia and is a term which defines the general way in which people conduct themselves.
  • Most Indonesians follow ancestral customs and are rooted to their values, morals and traditions, like in most Asian countries.
  • On formal occasions, men wear batik shirts outside the trousers with no tie. Women wear sarongs on formal occasions.
  • On informal occasions or inside their homes, men prefer to wear sarongs.
  • Women may selandang over their shoulder on formal and sometimes even on less formal occasions.
  • Religion-religion is important to the people of Indonesia and the lives of most Indonesians are greatly influenced by the religion that they follow. Every citizen in Indonesia must subscribe to one of the 6 recognized religions and two people belonging to different religions are not allowed to marry one another.

Entertainment in Indonesia.

Entertainment in Indonesia

Entertainment is an important part of the lifestyle of people in Indonesia.  Entertainment in Indonesia is a mix of traditional, non-local and modern entertainment practices. People in Indonesia love watching comedy shows, musical performances and eating out every once in a while. Most people go out with their friends and family members for instrumental event, dance events and cultural programs. The culture of eating out at restaurants is more evident in the bigger and busier cities than in lesser populated villages or towns.  Watching TV at home with family members is also one of the means of entertainment in Indonesia and is also one activity they do after coming back from work.

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