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Home to one of Southeast Asia’s ancient cultures, Cambodia offers a lifestyle that combines traditions with modernity. One of the world’s cheapest places to live, a fantastic lifestyle in Cambodia that combines frequent dining out, real friendships, and a relaxing, quiet pace of life on a modest budget is very possible in Cambodia.


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Cambodia is one of Southeast Asia’s youngest countries, demographically speaking, and it’s also one of the region’s most optimistic. With a growing economy and ever-increasing links to the rest of the world, modern life in Cambodia is a combination of simple living, great friendships, relaxed workloads, and modern conveniences.

The typical workday in Cambodia is somewhat slower than in the Western world. A large number of shops don’t open until relatively late in the morning, with many of the nation’s entrepreneurs at home until 10AM. As such, Cambodia’s work attitude is relatively relaxed, and the entire nation feels much slower than the West does.

Restaurant in Cambodia

On a typical retiree’s budget, one can enjoy a fantastic standard of living and a great lifestyle in Cambodia. Home to many of the world’s most inexpensive restaurants, a meal for two in one of Cambodia’s major cities can cost as little as $10 USD. Most of the country’s young people will eat out frequently, often for all of their meals.

Likewise, relaxing with friends in a local bar is inexpensive and common. The vast majority of Cambodia’s older crowd visits local bars and meeting spots quite often, spending their time socializing and relaxing. Many expatriates and retirees make a habit out of relaxing in the evenings and enjoying the country’s warm weather.

Pub Street in Cambodia

Thanks to Cambodia’s comfortable year-round climate, outdoor activities are very popular. In coastal cities such as Sihanoukville, many people choose to partake in water sports such as SCUBA diving and swimming, while many others opt to relax on the beach and work on their skin tone.

Beach in Cambodia

Finally, Cambodia’s entertainment scene is growing rapidly, with attractions such as casinos and international restaurant chains popping up at a rapid pace. While it isn’t quite as developed as somewhere like Thailand or Malaysia, Cambodia’s nightlife is an important part of the nation’s lifestyle, and one that’s worth discovering.

Boasting a very low cost of living, some of the best weather in the region, and a slow and relaxed way of life, the lifestyle in Cambodia is one that continues to pull in new expatriates and retirees on a frequent basis. From beaches to bars, local restaurants to high-end French fare, Cambodia’s lifestyle is rewarding, inexpensive, and fun.

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