Healthcare in Taiwan

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Healthcare is a major concern in today’s scenario where every day we get to read about new viruses invading a particular region on the globe. People who migrate to other regions certainly need to check on the health system prevalent that particular region. Of late, Taiwan has been attracting a lot of people who wish to settle there for a peaceful retired life.

Let us take a look at the medical scenario in Taiwan:

Insurance Scheme

Healthcare in Taiwan

There are many health insurance schemes in Taiwan. However National Health Insurance is the biggest player.

  • NHI is compulsory and it looks after the disbursement of health care funds.
  • The aim of the scheme is to provide equal access to health care for all the people residing.
  • In this particular scheme the patient has to pay a fixed small amount for each medical service received and the rest of the amount is looked after by the bureau.
  • The scheme also takes care of prevention, care and hospital admission charges among other things.

Everyone who is employed is covered under the insurance looked after by the respective employer.

Access to Care

  • There are over five hundred hospitals and over twenty thousand clinics, some of which are private and some are owned by the government.
  • The key factors include the fact that world class machinery is present, traditional Chinese medicine is widely practised, the medical staff is well trained and government spends an approximate amount for the costs.
  • Six percent of the GDP has been allotted to improvethe presenthealthcare system

Common Problems

  • There are many certified practitioners in Taiwan. However immediate medical is available help for problems like viral infections, throat ailments, cough, cold and so on. You can expect to find a good doctor for these ailments for $50 as consultation charges.
  • For specialized services such as dental care the charges can go up to as high as $400 depending on the service opted for. There are also traditional Chinese and Thai practitioners available.
  • There are many medical stores all over Taiwan. However certain medicines are made available only after showing the prescription. Major hospitals have an emergency unit where medical treatment is rendered on an immediate basis and the cost is nominal. The government owned hospitals are well maintained as well.

Obesity is a common problem in the region and hence osteoporosis is predominant among the ageing population. Effective treatment is available for approx $500.

Taiwan has also witnessed a substantial growth in the pharmacy industry. Major marketshare is held by MNCs’.

Medical Tourism

Taiwan is now being looked as a destination for medical tourism as well owing to cost factors and latest technology present. People from all over the world come here to get treated at affordable rates.

Success Rate

Taiwan is one such place where more than ninety five prevent of the population is medically insured.

Hence those thinking of opting for Taiwan can move without any worries when it comes to health care facilities.

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