Healthcare in Philippines

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Philippines is an Asian country located in the Pacific Ocean on the Pacific Ring of fire, very close to the equator.  This country covers an area of 30000 square kilometers and ranks 64th as far as the largest countries are concerned.  This nation covers 7107 islands which can be divided into 3 major sub categories-Luzon, Mindanao and Visayas.  Philippines is home to 99 million people and is one of the most populous nations of Asia and ranks 12th in the list of the most populous countries in the world are concerned.  Manila is the capital of Philippines.

Healthcare in Philippines

Healthcare in Philippines

The major amount of burden of healthcare in Philippines is taken up by the private healthcare providers. It is a fact that large parts of this country still do not have any access to pharmaceuticals and there is a great divide of healthcare facilities from certain metro cities like Manila, Cebu etc. to other smaller regions or towns.  Overall, the healthcare system cannot be considered very good in Philippines.

Healthcare data:                                                 

The following are some of the observed facts and figures of healthcare in Philippines:

  • As of 2000, there were about 95000 physicians in Philippines which equates to 1 in 800 people.
  • As of 2001, this country had 1700 hospitals, of which 60% were owned by private owners whereas 40% were government owned and run.
  • These hospitals accommodated about 85000 beds which equates to one bed per 900 people.
  • Some of the major causes of death in Philippines are diarrhea, bronchitis, influenza, heart disease, tuberculosis, pneumonia, malaria, chickenpox, measles and hypertension.
  • Apart from these, about 25% of all the deaths in 2002 were due to some or the other kind of a cardiovascular disease.
  • As per the records of the year 2003, about 1965 cases of HIV were reported.

Healthcare expenditure:

The following are some of the expenditure stats on healthcare in Philippines:

  • The Philippines, as a nation spent US $2.2 Billion on healthcare in the year 2003.  This amount was about 3 percent of the gross domestic product or GDP of the country.
  • Of the total health expenditures, the expenditure made by the government was only 15%.
  • In Philippines, both per capital health expenditure as well as the total health expenditure have been on a decline ever since 1990.  This has further led to a decrease in the share of GDP which is attributed to health expenses.

Health issues and concerns:

  • It is a fact that a lot of Filipinos have an addiction to prohibited drugs.
  • Another national health issue of Philippines is malnutrition. Especially among the poor, this is a problem which has been very rampant over the past few decades.

Cost of medicines and hospitalization

Medicines as well as hospitals are not very expensive in Philippines and those looking to shift their base to Philippines do not need to worry about cost of healthcare here. There are thousands of pharmacies in this nation and the pharmacists here are very strict about prescription drugs. Doctors and nurses are well qualified.

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