Healthcare in Korea

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The Korean healthcare system is a marvel in itself. With hi-tech gadgets and health insurances covering everything, every sort of medical emergency is taken care of. Then there is also the bonus of receiving everything at an extremely cheap rate.

Healthcare in Korea is governed by the compulsory National Health Insurance or the NHI. Its jurisdiction extends to not just the Korean people but also other nationality as well as profession. Anyone irrespective of being a Korean or someone with a different nationality who are registered with the National Health Insurance Corporation receives lots of benefits from the NHI. So now, the whole nation is allowed a health insurance of their own, and the whole operation was made possible in just 12 years.

Structure of the System


Except for a small number of community hospitals, every doctor in Korea has his private offices as well as private hospitals. Now, of course everyone is granted a national health insurance funded by the nationwide levied tax. But despite that, private insurances are utilized to cover up the expenses where the faith of the national health insurance can’t reach.

The individuals who receive the health insurances have everything paid for; however, they do not receive any sort of premium. This facility is reserved for refugees, children of freedom fighters, extremely poor, and other contributors for the betterment of the nation.

The basic duty of the NHI Corporation is to make sure that the cost of medical procedure for every individual under the jurisdiction of the law is being successfully covered. Significantly it covers all medicine expenses, the major cause of concern, and so purchase of the prescribed medicines has become a piece of cake.

The Pros

Korean doctors

If you look at the larger picture, the benefits of this healthcare system are ocean level. The primary reason being that everyone gets an affordable health care bonus. This is bigger than what you can think of. Imagine that you can visit any doctor you want for just about any problem for an extremely low sum of money. So if you can consider the fact that the fact that you can travel to any part of the country within three hours by high speed trains, you can easily reach the best doctors in the country in less than a day.

The Cons

However, if you really think about it, nothing in this whole world is received for free. So, if the system is this cheap, where is all the money coming from? Two places.

Firstly, the coverage of the national expense under the Korean national health insurance is not as great as the western world, especially when it comes to expensive diseases. So, of course, when you talk about diseases like common cold; it is easy to pay by the middle class Korean. It is when chronic diseases like cancer is concerned, the family gets completely bowled over.


Secondly, the Korean doctors are not effectively paid. This is because, even if you are the best doctor in the country, you still have to charge the standard NHIC charge. And compared to other countries, this amount is quite low.

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