Healthcare in India

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Known for its wide range of private hospitals and fantastic low-cost treatments, the healthcare industry in India is rapidly growing into one of the world’s best. A large system made up of both public and private hospitals, healthcare in India is mixed in quality, offering both high-end and low-end care for expatriates.

While India is home to a variety of public healthcare options, almost all retirees and expatriates opt for private healthcare. The advantages are many and the low costs of private health insurance in the subcontinent make it a fantastic option for expatriates interested in high quality, affordable medical care.

The vast majority of private health insurance companies in India target domestic customers, with relatively few services aimed at foreign retirees and expatriates. Despite this, a variety of health insurance services are available for foreigners in the subcontinent, although pricing and service levels can vary dramatically.

Top Hospital in India

Instead of purchasing their health insurance within India, many retirees choose to purchase international health insurance – often travel insurance that includes health coverage – to cover themselves while in India. Many international health insurance policies allow for access to India’s top hospitals and private clinics.

India’s private hospitals range in quality from moderate to fantastic. As one of the world’s fastest-growing centers for medical tourism, India is home to many hospitals aimed at tourists and expatriates. Treatments are typically affordable and conditions are ideal, with almost all doctors trained internationally.

In terms of price, India’s private healthcare system is one of the world’s most affordable. Other major Asian medical tourism centers, such as Thailand, seem expensive when compared to India’s private healthcare options. Major surgical procedures are often less than ten percent as costly as in the Western world.

Along with fantastic pricing, the quality of medical services in India tends to be very high. Many leading facilities in cities such as Hyderabad and Chennai are ranked well in international indexes, while smaller second-tier cities are also home to high quality health facilities.

Healthcare in India

It’s worth noting, however, that most of India’s high quality healthcare centers are located in major cities. Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai are considered the country’s medical capitals, boasting the highest quality hospitals and the largest range of medical care options for expatriates.

Second-tier cities, such as Bangalore and Hyderabad, are also renowned for their medical care options. Despite this, however, many smaller cities in India lack the high quality facilities that signify India’s medical abilities. In many smaller towns, healthcare options are limited to public hospitals and small private health clinics.

As a foreign retiree living in one of India’s major centers, you have little to worry about when it comes to health. From private hospitals to small clinics, you have a wide variety of options available. In more remote areas, however, it’s important that you have some form of evacuation insurance available in case of emergency.

From inner-city hospitals to small clinics in small towns, India’s medical system is ideal for expatriates and retirees on a modest budget. With great hospitals and internationally trained doctors, India’s affordable healthcare system is one of the best in South Asia.

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