Healthcare in Hong Kong

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Home to one of the world’s longest-living populations, Hong Kong is widely regarded as one of the best destinations in Asia for reliable, affordable healthcare. With a large network of private hospitals and a growing range of public healthcare options, both expatriates and locals can choose where they receive healthcare and medical attention.

Despite its modest population of approximately six million, Hong Kong is home to a wide range of hospitals serving both locals and expatriates alike. Hong Kong is home to high quality public and private hospitals offering affordable services to their patients, making it the ideal place to base your activities in Asia if healthcare is a major concern for you.

Healthcare in Hong Kong

Boasting over fifty public hospitals, Hong Kong has one of the highest amounts of hospitals on a per capita basis in all of Asia. Hong Kong’s public hospitals operate on government funding, with treatment generally fairly affordable.

Because of the fantastic public healthcare system, residents of Hong Kong enjoy one of the world’s highest life expectancies: 84 for women, and 78 for men.

Emergency medical care carried out in one of Hong Kong’s public hospitals is typically affordable and easy to access. Patients are rarely consulted about insurance prior to receiving care, and many patients report highly affordable bills – often as little as $100 HKD – for advanced treatments and serious medical care.

As well as its fifty-plus public hospitals, Hong Kong is home to twelve private hospitals offering a variety of extensive medical treatments. Despite the high quality of public care in Hong Kong, the city’s private hospitals are remarkably popular. Many private hospitals in Hong Kong specialize in one type of medicine, or offer specialized services that many public hospitals do not offer.

Besides public hospitals, Hong Kong’s government operates a large network of public clinics that are ideal for minor check-ups and health concerns. Numerous private doctors also practice in the city, making it easy for expatriates and retirees to receive detailed information about their health without having to visit a hospital.

Retirees and expatriates that would like routine healthcare check-ups are advised to purchase health insurance, as Hong Kong’s public hospitals – despite their excellent service and care record – tend to be geared towards emergency care. Many reports suggest that the private healthcare system is a far better option for people interested in health maintenance, rather than pure emergency care.

From its highly affordable and efficient public healthcare system to its twelve high quality private hospitals, Hong Kong’s healthcare network is truly fantastic. With its modest population, the many clinics, doctor’s offices, and hospitals in Hong Kong ensure that reliable, prompt medical care is never far away.

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