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Travelling to Asia has become a very appealing proposition to travelers and people looking for unusual travel destinations. Apart from the famous attractions like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand etc, the world has shifted its focus to Vietnam. With some major reforms in the area of government changes, opening up borders and commercialization, many people have shown inclination to visiting Vietnam in the past few years.

Vietnam has the capability of pulling tourists to its sandy beaches, mountainous sights, historical creations and ancient cities. If you are interested in visiting this country, then don’t forget to check out the quite of the country villages, cities bursting with a new energy, ruins from the 14th century and the rising development in technology, business, education and entertainment.

Tet Trung Thu Festival in Vietnam

Talking of entertainment, there is a lot that one can do to entertain oneself on a trip to Vietnam. To meet the needs of the multiplying tourists visiting this country, more number of hotels, guest houses and other accommodations are coming up by the day. There has been increase in the ways one can have fun in this country due to rising tourists.

Some major facets of entertainment in Vietnam are the Vietnamese culture, the numerous festivals celebrated by each culture and religion, the colourful rituals and the talented population. Some of the main entertaining festivals of Vietnam include Tet Nguyen Dan, Do Son Buffalo Fighting festival and Vietnam and the Tet Trung Thu among many.


Diamond Plaza Cinema

Festivals are not the only ways of entertainment in Vietnam. Music, cinemas and the nightlife of Vietnam add more strings to the entertainment scene here. With the changes in the political and social circumstances of this country, Cinema has got a whole new lease of life. In the major city of Ho Chi Minh, Cinema theatres are a popular ways of spending weekends and week nights.

Some popular cinema halls in this city are Diamond Plaza Cinema and Galaxy Cinema. Infact many films on Vietnam are gaining popularity at the International film festivals held across the world. Infact the domestic film industry of this country is also picking pace with the growing demand.

Music and Theatre


Apart from Cinema, the Vietnamese people love music and theatre as well. The Vietnamese Opera and theatrical music is influenced by the Chinese Opera and is a favorite of many tourists and residents of the country. Especially in the bigger cities, it is common to see couples and families going to see Opera and Theatre on a Saturday night.

If you are someone who loves nightlife, then Vietnam will surprise you. Pop music is really popular among the Vietnamese youth and is played at almost all the nightclubs. Especially in cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, nightlife is thriving. An increasing number of Karaoke bars are coming up along with several western style bars.

Shopping and Amusement Parks

Dem Sen Park in Saigon

If you are someone who enjoys shopping as a possible entertainment source, then the larger cities of Vietnam will offer you plenty of entertainment. Most shops are open from 7am to 11 pm. There are many amusement parks in Vietnam and these are a lovely way to spend a weekend with kids or friends. One of the popular amusement parks is Dem Sen Park in Saigon. Infact while in Saigon, you can also visit the Ice House to enjoy the many ice sculptures and a cool indoor ice slide.

Beaches and Sightseeing

Halong Bay

Vietnam can surprise you with the awesome beaches that it is home to. The beaches in Danang have been named among the top 20 beaches in the world! Phan Thiet is a place which is just 3 hours away from the coast of Saigon and has several beautiful beaches and sightseeing destinations. Some other similar places for leisure are Halong Bay in the North and Mekong etc.

Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks in Vietnam

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Food is a major aspect of Vietnamese culture and is infact a great way of enjoying free time. A dinner out at a café or a restaurant in Vietnam is a way of celebration for upper class individuals and expats. Bobby Brewers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is a café famous for sandwiches, juices, pastas and salads. It is set over three floors and offers some amazing varieties of coffee.

Carmen, located in the same city is a bar with lovely music and cellar like interiors. Some other bars and restaurants that can be enjoyed on a trip are Acoustic Bar in Ho Chi Minh City, Crazy Kim Bar in Nha Trang, Guava in Nha Trang and Jazz Club Minh in Hanoi.

So if you are someone who is going to Vietnam on a visit then you don’t have to worry about getting bored as there is plenty to do and entertain yourself. If it’s nightlife you are looking for, you’ll find in abundance and if it’s a relaxing day at a beach that you crave for, there’s that too!

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