Entertainment in Thailand

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Millions of people from all over the world visit Thailand each year to enjoy the plentiful entertainment that the country has to offer.

World class beaches and luxury accommodation can be found in the south on Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Tao or Phuket (Phuket is the most commercial). The sandy beaches have boat rides, jet ski rentals and other water-based activities to enjoy. Beach side restaurants cook up classic Thai dishes and Western food as well. Local bars serve patrons late into the night with national beers like Singha Beer and Beer Chang, as well as the popular Leo Beer and international brands too.

Phuket beach

For many of the tourist-oriented beach resorts, there is an incredible assortment of different kinds of night-life available. Many bars have pool tables where attractive ladies offer to play pool with you. If you prefer live music, then there are a number of pubs and bars that put on live bands from time to time.

Night-life also extends to red-light districts for men or women so inclined. Fortunately, for people who wish to stay away from this scene, these kind of bars tend to be located in one location or along a single street with other streets devoid of such “entertainment.”

Restaurants are one of the bargains in Thailand compared to elsewhere in Asia. Local cooks set-up at night to prepare fresh food from carts on the side of the street where a plate of Thai chicken green curry or Phad Thai noodles won’t cost more than $1.25. Store-located restaurants with nicer surroundings where you can take more time to enjoy your meal start at $5 for one or ten bucks for a couple, and rise in price from there according to your requirements. Good pizza and Indian restaurants are available in most parts of the country, but Chinese food tends to be harder to find and more expensive outside of a city’s Chinatown.

For slightly quieter evenings, multiplex cinemas like the Major Cineplex chain (usually located inside shopping malls) are now in big cities and on the larger populated islands with the latest big screen Hollywood movies showing every title for less than eight bucks per person.

The Central chain of shopping malls have the best brands with the Robinson department store being a good place to head for original designer goods at less than American or European prices. Many upmarket restaurants are to be found on the top floor of the Central shopping malls, usually with a more affordable food court as well with dishes for under a dollar a plate.

There are also plenty of tours and day adventures that can be taken from multiple locations within Thailand. These including multi-day treks, white water rafting, elephant riding, home-stay with local hill tribe families, zip-line adventures, and more. The prices are pretty reasonable at approximately $50 for a trek, with many companies offering competing “non-tourist” treks. Treks are more difficult in slippery terrain during the rainy season (June-October), however you will enjoy stronger rapids with the rafting during these months.

For a slower pace, there are Thai massage courses (or receive a one hour massage yourself) or Thai cooking classes to be enjoyed. With the massage, you can ask for it to be performed more softly to it doesn’t hurt; the better cooking classes are usually run from organic farms which gets you outside the city for a few hours too which is pleasant.

There is always plenty to do in Thailand, so you’re guaranteed to never get bored.

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