Entertainment in Taiwan

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Taiwan is a modern country that flaunts possessing historic art museums, busy markets, and beautiful parks. Taipei is considered to be the hub of entertainment. The city has a modern transportation system and an urbanized center. Taiwan makes for a sure shot global destination for many expatriates looking to move post retirement or go on a long vacation.

There is no lack of entertainment in the colorful country with scintillating heritage. Taiwan is surprisingly urban and houses everything that a typical economy should.

Let us take a closer look at Entertainment In Taiwan


In Taiwan, more films are screened every year, gathering per capita than anywhere else in the world. Both local and foreign-language films are screened in movie theaters.

  • English-language movies are screened with subtitles in Mandarin.
  • Chinese-language movies are also screened with English subtitles, enabling foreigners to enjoy local movies with ease.

Movie listings appear in newspapers in Taipei. A movie theater may screen between 3 and 5 shows every day.


taiwan Nightlife

Karaoke is very popular in Taiwan. You will find yourself constantly invited by a stranger to sing a song. Karaoke bars or KTVs are attractively decorated places where you can have a private karaoke session, or you can sing with strangers in the main lounge.

  • Shillin Night Market provides entertainment in the form of skill-based games, stylish clothing, and food.
  • Sugar Daddy Row, near Shuang Cheng Street, is popular for bars and clubs.
  • Drinks, such as wine and beer are always ordered along with meals. Drinking is a form of letting one’s hair down.

Taiwanese men frequent wine houses that are often referred to as “girlie restaurants” by foreigners.

  • Visitors should order several dishes while at the wine house, although the main meal is eaten elsewhere.
  • Starting 9 p.m., visitors begin coming to wine houses.
  • In a customary wine party, there are at least 4 people, one of which is essentially a Taiwanese man who knows the local customs.
  • Often, a game of “Rock, paper, scissors” is played to stimulate fun atmosphere into the party.

Bottle Clubs

Bottle Clubs

In Taiwan, bottle clubs are popular among businessmen because they are appropriate places to entertain guests on corporate funds.

  • These clubs are exclusive and posh.
  • People can buy bottles of liquor and store them in racks, to be consumed in the future.
  • Dancing is allowed in bottle clubs and live entertainment is provided.



The Core Pacific Shopping Center is a huge shopping mall that is shaped like a golf ball and remains open 24 hours a day for the whole week. It houses karaoke parlors, boutiques, and eateries. The special attractions are the busy night markets hogged by patrons all through wee hours.

The Dihu Market in Taipei hawks traditional Chinese medicine. On the day of the Lunar New Year celebrations in Taiwan, this market offers free food.

Historic and Religious Sites

Baoan Temple

In Taipei, the Bao-An Temple is a very popular religious site.

The 2-28 Memorial Museum, dedicated to people massacred in a protest against repressive government, is situated in a peace park.

Performing Arts

In Taipei, there are several performing arts places:

  • Velvet Underground – Live bands entertain guests and Mexican food is served.
  • The Corridor Café
  • The Orange Music Café
  • The Red Pavilion – This place used to be an opera house once upon a time, but now hosts performances by music and drama groups.

There are a plethora of entertainment options in Taiwan, be it for the musically-inclined or the adventurous sorts!

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