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Philippines is an island nation in Southeast Asia which is located in the western Pacific ocean and comprises of over 7000 islands.  This country is known for its rich biodiversity, culture and friendly people.  With 92% of the population being Catholics, this is the 3rd largest nation in terms of the number of Christian people.  With people from so many different religions, ethnic groups, countries, backgrounds and cultures living with one another, Philippines is surely a happening destination with no limit to entertainment and attractions.



There are many forms of entertainment in Philippines and some of them include watching cinema, going to the gym, enjoying a field sport like football, tennis, basketball etc., enjoying a water sport such as snorkeling, underwater diving or paragliding. Some people consider meeting up with friends over drinks as another form of entertainment while for some, enjoying a game of sport on the TV is entertaining.

Let’s look at the cost of entertainment in Philippines:

Eating out:                                

                                                                        Eating out  


  • If one is going out for having dinner to an inexpensive restaurant in a city like Manila, then this is likely to cost around 120P whereas for a similar meal at a mid-range to high range restaurant can cost around 550 P for two persons.
  • A combo meal at McDonalds in Philippines costs 118 P and this price is same, irrespective of the city or region where McDonalds is situated.
  • If you are going out for drinks with your friends, then you can expect a domestic beer of 0.33 litres to cost 44.84 P whereas an imported beer of the same quantity is likely to cost 90P.
  •  Regular cappuccino coffee is likely to cost 88.84 P in Cebu, Davao or Manila whereas a 0.33 litre bottle of Coke or Pepsi costs 28.22.

Cinema and sports

Cinema and sports

  • Cinema forms one of the main entertainment aspects for the people of Philippines. To go out for cinema, one has to shell out 170 P for one ticket.
  • If you are into sports and like playing tennis, then renting a tennis court for your entertainment can cost you around 133.33 P for one hour.
  • A one month membership into a fitness club or gym can cost around 1690 P.

Nightclubs and bars

Nightclubs and bars

  • Nightclubs and bars form other common and popular forms of entertainment for youngsters of Philippines.  Major urban areas like Cebu and Manila have many popular nightclubs and bars and some examples of these include Embassy Nightclub in Manila, B Side for live music, Conspiracy bar and garden café in Manila and LA café. 1951 Penguin café is a popular café for hanging out.

Performance arts and theatre

  • If you are into performance arts and theatre, then the Amazing Philippines theatre in Manila Film center building will be a delight for you and will offer the best entertainment.
  • Another option for enjoying cultural shows in Philippines is the Cultural center of Philippines which is the venue for many dance performance and music shows. This place attract many locals as well as foreigners.

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