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We don’t expect you to stop living life once you’re retired. In fact, it is possible to enjoy life even more since you do not have to rush to work every morning! Malaysia offers a lot in the field of entertainment. In 2014, Malaysia was ranked number 3 as the Best Place to Retire by The Global Retirement Index.


Places to visit

The country has lots to offer for the tourist in you. Some of the more popular places are:

  1. Batang Rejang river


This river enters the heartland of Borneo’s tribal population. Usually, visitors come in May and the beginning of June to see the longhouses of the Iban tribe.

  • Many generations of the same family live in these houses.
  • Local guides are available at Kapit and Belaga.
  1. Batu Caves


The picturesque Batu Caves are 13 kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur. They are limestone caverns filled with stalactites.

  • The Caves are considered a Hindu shrine.
  • The Thaipusam Festival in held in January or February every year.
  • Millions of people visit the chambers of the caves and perform ritual acts of self-mortification.
  1. Cameron Highlands


These hills are situated north of Kuala Lumpur and draw crowds for their special event – tea tasting and trekking. Cameron Highlands is Malaysia’s best known hill station.

  1. Forest Research Institute

This scientific research institute offers the opportunity of walking on forest trails, taking a dip in jungle swimming holes, and walking across a 200 meter long rainforest boardwalk that is suspended high in the canopy.

  1. Gunung Mulu National Park


This park is a World Heritage Site and has the most extensive system of caves ever found in the world.

  • The public are allowed to visit 5 caves; other caves can be explored during caving expeditions.
  • Previously, headhunting tribes used to frequent this area.
  • If you’re game for it, you can climb to the sharp limestone outcrop called the Pinnacles.
  1. Johor

The Kuda-Kepang dances and accompanying ghazal music and devotional chants are worth enjoying. They are performed in the south of Malaysia in Johor.

  1. Kota Bharu

This town is known for its shadow puppets and traditional kites.

  • One of Malaysia’s grand feasts can be found at the Kota Bharu night market.
  • In June, the Kite Festival is held and in March or April, Puja Umur or the Sultan’s Birthday is celebrated.

Activities in Malaysia

  1. Scuba diving

Malaysia is famous for its scuba diving schools.


  • Consisting of reefs and sunken islands, the waters surrounding the country house plenty of rare whale sharks and schooling hammerheads.
  • The best dive sites are located around the islands of Layang Layang and Sipadan in East Malaysia.
  1. Main Gasing


Translates to top spinning, this unusual game involves tops made of hardwood that are precisely balanced with lead.

Other sports enjoyed in Malaysia are Wau-kite flying and Sepak Takraw, which is a game similar to volleyball and played with a ball made of rattan strips.

If you put your mind to it, you can discover many places to visit and activities to participate in. Step out and enjoy!

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