Entertainment in Indonesia

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Indonesia is a country located in South East Asia which is known for its large size and high population. With Jakarta as the center of business and industrial activity and Bali as one of the most popular tourist destination, Indonesia is slowly increasing pace as far as growth and development is concerned. Housing a large population of about 238 Million people, Indonesia is a place which never sleeps and is constant hustling and bustling with life.

Every place has a different definition for entertainment and fun. With great diversity among the people, religions, cultures and lifestyles in Indonesia, entertainment’s definition also differs from town to town and city to city in this Asian country. The way people entertain themselves in this country can be considered to be a well-blended mix of modern entertainment, non-local entertainment and traditional form of entertainment. Some traditional forms of entertainment include puppet shows called Wayang, traditional dances and comic shows etc.

Music and cinema

Music and cinema                                              

Many individuals in Indonesia enjoy regional, national and international music. Going out for rock shows, pop music shows, country singer performances and jazz performances is common.  On weekends, people like enjoying music and movies while on weekdays, listening to radio and watching TV are the main sources of entertaining or passing time. Indian movies and Chinese Kung Fu movies are the popular and preferred movie choices for most Indonesians.



Sports is another form of entertainment for Indonesians. It is popular not only from the point of few of spectatorship but also in terms of entertainment.  Some popular sports in Indonesia are badminton, football and basketball.Of these, basketball is surely the most popular sports and this is evident from the fact that this country has won gold medals in Badminton in the Olympic Games.  Many sporting events are held in Indonesia and these give people of Indonesia a chance to witness good shows.

Nightclubs and bars


While most areas in Indonesia are still rural, the main cities such as Jakarta and Bali have many options for clubbing for youngsters. On weekends, many people like to visit popular bars and restaurants for a time out of their normal routine. Eating and drinking out is a popular activity for most and is a form of relaxation for Indonesians.  Since most places have many beaches, beach parties and shack events are common too for drinking, conversation and social meetings.

Eating out


If you wish to go eating out in Indonesia, then you must be aware of some of the common costs beforehand. Let’s take a look at some general prices or costs:

  • A meal for two at an inexpensive restaurant can cost somewhere around 20000 Rp in Indonesia.
  • A meal for two at a mid-range restaurant in Indonesia can cost around 150000 Rp.
  • A combo meal at a fast food restaurant such as McDonalds can cost 38500 Rp.
  • Domestic beer of 0.33 liter quantity can cost 23000 Rp whereas an imported beer of same quantity costs 40000 Rp.
  •  A bottle of mineral water of 0.33 liter quantity costs 2680 Rp.

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