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With a culture that combines modern entertainment and ancient tradition, China is one of the most engaging and interesting countries in the world for foreign visitors. The country’s growing national economy has put it on the radar of film producers, worldwide musical acts, and a variety of other entertainment groups, making China one of many countries poised for an entertainment revolution.

China is home to a wide variety of fantastic entertainment options. As one of the world’s largest countries, entertainment options vary dramatically from one location to another. What’s available for residents of a major city like Shanghai will certainly not be matched by what’s available in a small town. Despite this, each and every part of China has its own great entertainment options.

Shanghai Park

Over the last decade, China has grown increasingly interested in Western entertainment. Movies are a popular group entertainment option in China, with everywhere from dense inner-city areas to tiny rural industrial centers boasting its own movie cinema. Titles are a mix of international blockbusters and domestic Chinese films, with a growing number of local productions occurring within China.

One aspect of note to Western expatriates and retirees is that the Chinese government blocks many of the West’s largest cinema productions. In an effort to improve the Chinese movie industry, some Hollywood productions never see the light of day in China. As such, most Western movies shown in mainstream Chinese cinemas are high-budget blockbusters that appeal to a mass demographic.

Happy Valley Chain

While China certainly isn’t the number one country to live in if you love live music, it’s growing into a great place for music gurus to live. Major acts – particularly ‘Top 40’ type bands and artists – are increasingly adding China’s major coastal cities to their touring schedules. If you’re a fan of live music, it’s worth considering retiring to one of China’s large coastal population centers.

As one of the world’s largest economic centers, China is increasingly the location for amusement parks and other mass entertainment investments. The Happy Valley chain operates two large parks in Beijing and Shenzhen, both of which are aimed at Chinese families. Chimelong Happy World is another leading theme park in China, based in the large manufacturing hub city of Guangzhou.

Chimelong Happy World

Whether you’re interested in family entertainment or international musical acts, China is quickly becoming one of East Asia’s best countries for entertainment. While censorship and local cultural attitudes have restricted access to Western entertainment options, the leisure options available in many of China’s major cities continue to grow in scale and entertainment value every year.

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