Cost of Living in Thailand

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 Cost of living in Thailand

Living in Thailand can be one of the most pleasurable experiences if you are a decent earner. The country not only has picturesque backdrop to offer, but also has many options to spend a decent and peaceful living. This article will discuss all about the cost of living in Thailand- covering aspect like accommodation, transportation, daily essentials, food, and education. Please read on more to get a comprehensive idea about the cost of living in Thailand.


Houses are available at extremely low prices as compared to other countries. In Bangkok, one can get a:
– one room studio home with a bathroom (attached) and even a little kitchen space sometimes
for as low as $110. However, this would mean living in a building primarily inhabited by Thais.
– Similar room can be had for say $85 outside Bangkok.
– For those willing to splurge or looking for a retreat or a few months worth of getaway may
even opt for a condo at about 24000 baht.
– A roomy three bedroom (fully furnished) place can be secured at 7000 baht a month.
However, it will be about few kilometers away from the city.
– Four rooms with a bathroom in a two storey home can be acquired for as low as $200 a
– A large garden for the darling pet dog, two bathrooms and three bedrooms can be secured for
as low as 205 pounds per month. The same would be available fully furnished, air conditioned
and the rent includes internet.
– A bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room would be available for 4000 Baht (WIFI and
cable included).
Note: A wise suggestion for new entrants to Vietnam would be not to rush into a house deal but to test the waters thoroughly while staying at temporary housing.
Phone and Utilities:

Phone and Utilities:
 – A basic no frills cell phone may cost about 300 Baht.
– One can use air conditioning and lighting for a one bedroom apartment for as low as $28 a
month and a 3 Bedroom for about $75.
– Water and electricity bill ranges from 200 – 3000 Baht per month depending on area and
– In Vietnam electricity and water charges range in the region of 100,000 VND.
– Internet Charges can be in the region of 900 Baht (3BB 9Mbps by 1Mbps Download and Upload
Food and Entertainment:

Food and Entertainment:
– A combination of local and super markets – 3467 Baht
– Eating out at a Thai Restaurant can be as low as 80 cents per meal per person.
– A range on money spent on food would be from 3,000 Baht – 10,000 Baht, with the average
being 6000 Baht restaurants and super markets included.
– Night Life and drinking : 20,000 Baht
– A meal for 2 at a mid level eatery – 3 course meal : 550 Baht
– a three course dinner at an eatery in Vietnam would cost about VND 300,000 a fast food meal
about VND 30,000.
– Water (Drinking): 55 Baht
– Meals at cafes or restaurants (7 Meals in a month) : 1650 Baht.
– A pair of tickets to the pictures with a big drink – 230 Baht
– A trip to the bowling alley for the family would cost about: $20 – $25 (comprising of dinner and
a few beers for the parents.
– A night out at a local bar or pub would cost about $10 – $20.


 – Taxi average run up: $1.25 – $2.25.
– Bus: 25 cents to one dollar a trip depending on whether it is an air conditioned bus.
– Sky Train: 40 cents to $1 a trip.
– Underground Train: 38 cents to a dollar ten cents (this can be further reduced with a bulk
– Tuk Tuks and motorbikes (Motorbike Rentals at $20/month) can also be availed.
– Monthly fuel for car ranges between 700 baht with gasoline available at 39 Baht/litre.
Books and computers:

Books and computers
 – A couple of paperbacks can be secured for as low as 300 Baht.
– A kindle user can limit these expenses to 1500 Baht a month inclusive of the odd purchase
from kindle store.

Clothes, shoes, sports and leisure are available at very low rates as compared to other countries. The salary might seem low but is ample considering purchasing power is very high.

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