Cost of Living in Cambodia

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Home to one of the world’s most interesting ancient cultures, Cambodia is a country that is endlessly rewarding to visitors. With a growing economy and one of the most youthful and vibrant populations in the region, Cambodia is also a highly affordable place to live as an expatriate or retiree.

Cost of Living in Cambodia

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The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh, a vibrant riverside city that’s home to large international office complexes and colonial buildings. As one of the least expensive cities in Southeast Asia, residents of Phnom Penh can enjoy a high standard of living and comfortable lifestyle for as little as $1,000 USD per month.

Finding comfortable accommodation in Cambodia on a low budget is simple, with a wide range of accommodation options available. From high-end apartments with an extensive assortment of facilities to inexpensive flats in central locations, rooms and apartments in Cambodia can often be found for as little as $200 USD per month.

Residence Buildings in Cambodia

In more expensive locations, and particularly in high-end buildings, expect to pay a total monthly price of $1,000 USD or more. Despite Cambodia’s undeveloped local economy, many wealthy investors have driven up the demand for high-end housing in the country, with many mid-range and high-end developments in construction.

Power and other utilities are predictably inexpensive in Cambodia, with the average monthly power bill for a small room rarely reaching above $50 USD. High-end condo buildings and large rooms that require extensive air conditioning might push the bill to upwards of $100 USD per month, although this is considered a rare expense.

Restaurant in Cambodia

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Beyond accommodation and utilities, life in Cambodia – both in major cities such as Phnom Penh and more rural locations – is remarkably inexpensive. Food and drinks, even in high-end restaurants and luxurious hotels, are rarely costly, and cheap food is easily found at local street stalls, small restaurants, and family food outlets.

Despite its overall low cost of living, there is one particularly expensive part of life in Cambodia: finding a taste of home. Imported products are remarkably expensive for expatriates in Cambodia, and living a ‘Western lifestyle’ on a Cambodian budget isn’t particularly easy to manage.

Cambodian Currency

From its inexpensive and delicious local dishes to its cheap and homely housing, the cost of living in Cambodia is remarkably inexpensive for expatriates and retirees. A simple yet comfortable lifestyle in Cambodia can be enjoyed for just $1,000 USD per month – a fraction of the price of a similar life in the Western world.

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