Accommodation and RealEstate in Indonesia

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Indonesia is one of the South East Asian countries which has seen the maximum growth in terms of education, real estate, industrialization and modernization in the past few years.  This country has a huge population and to cater to the needs of more than 200 million people can be challenging for any nation.

The average population density in Indonesia is 134 people per square kilometer and this is ranked at the 79th position in the world.  Due to the relatively low cost of living in this country, many expats and foreigners are moving their base here.

Accommodation in Indonesia

Accommodation in Indonesia

The major population of Indonesia lives in non-urban areas but still, housing is a big problem in the cities.  Since many people are moving from rural to urban areas of the city, they are happy taking the less attractive housing options, thus creating a problem for native people of the cities.

While it is true that Indonesia has seen a major housing development in the recent few years, most urban areas still lack satisfactory accommodation and housing facilities.   Low income settlements are termed as Kampung in the country and are very densely populated.

Real estate prices in Indonesia

Real estate prices in Indonesia

Since urban areas are getting more populated by the day, the rates for real estate properties are soaring new heights continuously.  Home prices are rising by huge percentages in each quarter but are still less than the real estate prices in western countries.  The president of the Indonesia real estate association had predicted that the property sales in the year 2013 will rise from 260000 units to 400000 units.

If you plan to buy or rent yourself a space in Indonesia, then you must be aware of the prices so as to know what to expect before starting your search.  Let’s get some things straight:

  • Buying a property in Bali is more expensive than any other place in Indonesia.
  • In all the major cities, the rental prices as well as purchasing prices are higher than those in remote areas where real estate is still underdeveloped.
  • The prices of properties within the same city or town may vary depending upon the location, length of stay as well as the tenant’s personal needs. Ofcourse the facilities and number of rooms etc. are the other deciding factors.


  • The renting cost per month of a one bedroom apartment in the city center of a major city is 4515804 Rp whereas a similar property outside the city center may cost 1948916 Rp per month. This huge divide in the prices is just due to the difference in location. On the other hand, if you are interested in renting a 3 bedroom apartment in the city center, then the monthly rent that you would have to pay is about 9710729 Rp whereas the same for a property outside city center is 3471229 Rp.

The price per square meter to buy an apartment in the city center is 19223848 Rp whereas outside the city center is 8660375 Rp.

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